Review of Nationwide SmartRide

Oct 12, 2022 By Susan Kelly

The Nationwide SmartRide program employs telemetry technology to monitor and reward responsible motorists as part of a usage-based insurance plan.

Joining SmartRide qualifies drivers for an immediate 10% discount on their vehicle insurance premiums, while Nationwide promotes discounts of up to 40% for safe drivers. Drivers are rewarded with premium savings by sharing their driving data with Nationwide through a tracking device, in-car connected technology, or an app.

The Nationwide SmartRide insurance program is a pay-as-you-drive option. This program monitors and rewards safe driving with insurance discounts using a mobile app, a plug-in device, or an in-car system.

The service tracks your driving for about four to six months less than some usage-based insurance schemes. If you continue your auto insurance with Nationwide after receiving a performance discount, the discount will be permanently applied to your policy. SmartRide could be a good option if you'd prefer to reduce the time your insurance company spends tracking your every move.

Does it pay to use SmartRide from Nationwide?

If you're a Nationwide client seeking more ways to save money, you should sign up for Nationwide SmartRide. You can add the program to your policy without worrying about premium increases or other fees. After the initial monitoring period, you may or may not receive any further discounts at all. One of the largest discounts offered by a usage-based program is a 40% discount on auto insurance.

If you have trouble keeping your hands on the wheel and away from your phone, SmartRide may be the solution for you. SmartRide is different from other telematics solutions because it doesn't penalize drivers who use their phones while behind the wheel.

Those who frequently drive in congested urban areas or at odd hours may not get along well with SmartRide. While this won't cause an increase in your rates, you may find a better deal with a different telematics service that doesn't include such details.

The SmartRide Mobile App, Available Across the Country

You can earn insurance discounts using the Nationwide SmartRide app on your smartphone to track your driving behavior and submit the data to the company. Since SmartRide is not part of the main Nationwide app, you won't be able to use it to manage your billing, make payments, or save your insurance card. Instead, you can get the coverage you need using the Nationwide app for your mobile device.

If you're interested in using the mobile app, your insurance provider will need to be notified. In exchange for joining the program, you will instantly be eligible for a 10% discount. Install the app, turn on location services, and drive as usual; the app will automatically log your journeys. Keep checking the app to learn more about your driving performance as reported by Nationwide, the amount of your expected discount, and the remaining time until you must return the rental car.

All vehicles and all drivers covered by the policy need to be enrolled in the program because the app follows the driver rather than the car. Nationwide takes the overall discounts obtained by all drivers and uses that as the basis for the performance discount. If the app incorrectly detects a driver when multiple drivers on the policy are in the car together, either driver can delete the trip by tapping the "not my trip" button.

SmartRide is a nationwide system.

With the help of a device you connect to your car's onboard diagnostics (OBD) connection, Nationwide's SmartRide plug-in program may evaluate your driving style and provide you with discounts based on your score. Similar to the app-based version of the program, the gadget keeps tabs on user habits and rewards them with discounts for participating.

Two major distinctions separate the app-based version of Nationwide SmartRide from the device-based version, as stated in a guide for Nationwide company representatives.

Users of the SmartRide app can track their progress and insurance discounts at by logging in with their Nationwide credentials (as opposed to using a mobile app).

Simple instructions make set up a breeze: As soon as you plug the Nationwide SmartRide into your car's OBD port, two flashing lights will indicate that the gadget has been properly installed. With SmartRide, you can register several vehicles and receive various devices. Each gadget will be packaged in a box with instructions for which vehicle to use it with.

When you remove power from SmartRide, what happens? As stated in the official program documents for the Nationwide SmartRide initiative, the discount will not be calculated if your device is unplugged for more than 5% of the time. If you'd like to continue using the program, you can re-enroll or return the device to Nationwide by mail.

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